Wednesday, July 20

Is there an end to this heat?

It's hot here! Very hot! So hot that sitting still makes a person sweat! Not a day to be doing anything. But, of course, there are things that need to be done. So this person is doing her darnest to avoid doing them :)

My sister and I are taking my kids to the beach this afternoon. We'll walk the beach and look for shells, while they walk along with us and play in the water and cool off. That's my plan. Here's hoping it works!

It's been hot for a few days now, with a fairly high humidex level as well. Not weather that I enjoy. I do hope that they guy who is going to be cutting hay for us has been able to do his on these days! Soon as he gets his done he can do ours when the weather permits - meaning if it doesn't rain.

We had the ponies into our local exhibition grounds to ride last night. We were there for 2 hours. Katie rode Tiny for most of that time. Hubby got on Star for a while. For her first time there, her 4/5th time having him on her she did really well. Only spooked twice. And both of those times were when another girl was on her back. There were quite a few folks there riding last night, 6-10 throughout the evening. We're lucky that we can do that, at some ex. grounds you aren't allowed to go in and use them at your own will.

Not much crafting going on. I'm in the mood to be starting new projects, but not to finish anything. And I'm not allowing myself to start anything else!! I have to got some things finished off! We have the Ex. next month, and I want to have some knit things to put in that. Plus there is a small consignment shop that I want to put some of our stuff into as well.

I have to go tomorrow and re-new my license. That means getting a picture taken! It "officially" expired last Monday; here's hoping there's a grace period for re-newing them! I'd probably fail if I have to take the test over again. Anyway, not looking forward to that picture thing at all!!!

Katie is cleaning her room. She has pushed a small mountain of stuff out of her room and into the hallway. She had me go and move her dresser and her bed; she decided to try to re-arrange things a bit. Now the small moutain is being moved back into her room. Hopefully being put away nice and neatly, where it belongs. And a small foothill of that mountain is moving it's way towards the laundry room. YIPPEE. laundry again.

I decided that I need to learn how to add picture to my blog. Perhaps before the next time I post??

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