Tuesday, July 26

Gotta do something!

Ever feel like you have no purpose? I'm having one of those days. What am I here for? Am I here to be a slave for my kids? To hound them daily to clean their rooms? To cook every meal for everyone? Why am I not appreciated? Yup, one of THOSE days!!

Arrgh!! Just had a phone call from a lady who wanted to order 9 of the "squishy band" things that I sell. They are the bands that you soak in water, the crystals inside swell up, and then you wear it around your neck to keep you cool. I have 3 on hand, and can't find the crystals to make any more of them. Grrrr. $72 lost.

That just ads to the rotten-ness of my day.

Perhaps tonight I'll run away and try out Curves. I have three free sessions that I can use. I'll see if Elizabeth can run away with me. I know that Dan wants to the the ponies into the ex. grounds to ride. So I'll have to see what happens.


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Mary Anne said...


I'm late commenting on this post but here goes. You have a purpose. We all do. You're just feeling overwhelmed with all the work that you are surrounded by. I hope you can find some 'alone' time to heal and centre yourself.
Mary Anne