Wednesday, April 6

When will Spring come???

Here it is, April 6th ... and it's still not sunny and warm out :( Sunny and cold, yes.

This Sunday the 4-H club is hosting An Afternoon With Neville as a fundraiser. Neville MacKay (of My Mother's Bloomers in Halifax) is coming down, doing a talk about how he got a start in 4-H and his career as a florist. Making arrangements as he goes. Then, he'll auction off the arrangements for us. $10/ticket if you want to come. Starts at 1:30 on the 10th.

Today I got some yarn I bought off eBay. Silk, dyed a peacock color. 300 yards of it. Trying to decide on a shawl pattern now - that's the hard part.

Finished the shawl/stole I was knitting for the lady in the knitting group. She was very pleased with it when she got it on Tuesday.

There are pictures of that on the camera. Will take some pictures of my silk yarn, then post the pictures later. (bug me if I don't do that)

I also have 4 balls of Knit Picks Palette in Aster to decide what to make with. Oh, and a skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn in greens. (might have a skein of it in reds too ... if I don't use it all on my Holden Shawlette)

So, what have you been knitting??