Wednesday, January 12

WooHoo! I must be on a roll

It's only been 2 days since my last post. What is going on???

Not much exciting in my little world.

I spent a while this morning getting things ready to take to our local hospital ladies aux. for their second hand shop that they run. Cleaning out "unwanted/undeeded stuff". Eventually I'll get there when the shop is open and pick up some needed stuff :)

I'm working away on a pair of socks for my daughter. Almost ready to turn the heel on the second sock. Haven't decided what I'll start after that. I owe a friend a pair of thrummed mittens, so probably those. Have to ask her again what color she wanted. Haven't worked on the peacock feather shawl in a while; have to be in "the zone" to work on that; I'm thinking this evening I may be able to enter that zone.

Puppy owning day is coming closer. Kids are starting to get excited. Hubby is starting to get excited too.

This spring we get to start training our youngest pony to be ridden. In anticipation of that grand event we bought 2 second hand saddles in the past week. Got super good deals on them. Eventually we'll be able to use them. It made sense to buy them at great prices now, then to pay more for them later.

Yesterday afternoon I volunteered in my kids school library. There we were, me and the librarian; both knitting :) She is working on an eyelash scarf for her dauther, me on a sock. She is teaching her daughter to knit. The kids would come in to get their books, and stop and watch us for a bit. Most knew what we were doing; some asked. Some told us that their Granny knit mittens for them. One little girl is going to ask her Nannie to make her a pair of socks, because I showed her the ones I was working on. And, yes, Nannie did call to ask me what yarn I was using; and she is going to be picking some up today.

That's it for today. Boring, right? Sorry.

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Mary Anne said...


good to see you posting again! Not a boring post at all; I like reading your posts. I'm looking forward to the new puppy too :)
Mary Anne