Sunday, January 23

Snow Snow Go Away

And don't come back another day!

It's been snowing since sometime before 7:00 here. Lots of snow! Weather Canada is forecasting 30-45cm of snow for us. YUCK!

I was out to feed the ponies at about 8:45; now 3 hours later, you can barely tell where I walked. At that point the new snow was almost knee deep on me.

The strange thing is that right now the snow isn't falling down, it's falling sideways. That's how much wind there is.

It's only 15 degrees in the house, and the heat is working as hard as it can. It's that cold! Brrrrrr

So far today I've knit most of one fingerless mitten. Watched quite a bit of TV. Lazed around. Have pizza (bought pre-prepared yesterday) in the oven for lunch. Taking life easy. No where to go, and can't get there anyway.

No call from the hospital cancelling my appts for tomorrow yet, but emails from folks living down that way have let me know that they aren't getting the snow that we are.

Pizza's ready! Hot food YUMMMM

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