Sunday, May 8

OK So I was growled at

for not posting on my blog more often. So here I go, once again, making an attempt to post more often.

Strange things have been going on. Two folks who I used to have contact with on the internet, then lost contact with, and now realize I missed have contacted me in the past week. Thing is I had looked for contact info on one of them; she called me. The other I looked for her beads on eBay, and she emailed me. (I didn't find her beads though) Anyway - happy to know they are both still around!

What's new?? Shoulders have healed since the fall while carrying Flint outside. He is growing like a weed. Learning a few of the basic commands. We really have to get to work on his obedience.

Had a box of raw fleece gifted to me; 60lbs worth. The box was a well packed box that a 25" TV would have come in. Now to wash it all, comb it all, and get myself geared up to learn to use a drop spindle.

Katie has started her riding lessons again for the seasons. I know she is happy about that.

It's Mother's Day. I got plants for the garden, and breakfast was made for me. Hubby asked me what I was going to do today and I told him "as little as I can get away with." Keeping that goal pretty good so far :)

It's raining here today. Rained here yesterday. Rained here last weekend. Long range forecast is rain again next weekend. Notice a disturbing trend here?? I think rain should be limited to the hours of midnight to 5am. But not in the general area of the people who are delivering newpapers - they can have some sort of force field over them to keep them dry. Yes, I've delivered newspapers in the rain - it's NOT FUN!! Anyway, I think we are going to start to mildew soon. Some yards in town are flooded. Our pony corral is flooded.

I'm going to try to teach myself to play guitar and harmonica. No, not both instruments at the same time!!

There, guess that's it for today.


Mrs. R said...

Whoo Hoo! Welcome back. I've been somewhat AWOL myself, so no growling from me. Glad to hear things are going well. Puppies do tend to grow quickly, don't they?
The next time you're in the "city" let me know k?

Teri said...

You know, you could do both at the same time - just get one of those fancy-schmancy harmonica holders that attaches to the guitar.....