Thursday, May 26

time to update

Well, we're still a 2 pony family. The one hubby went to see may have been named Traveler, but he certainly wasn't much of a traveller!! He wouldn't get on the trailer. But they tried for a good long time to get him on! Oh well, wasn't meant to be.

It's been raining here for much too long. I'm sure that I noticed my feet were starting to look like ducks feet this morning! And the ponies seem to be trying to learn how to swim.

We put the extendable leash on the puppy, open the door and let him out to "go". This morning he sat on the steps, looked at me as if to say "I'm not going out in that!". It was pouring!

Thankfully we're not getting it as badly as some areas of Nova Scotia are. A couple of hours away the town has been declared in a state of emergency because roads/bridges etc. are washing out. Our mall parking lot is flooded though - is that an emergency??

As long as the power doesn't go out!

Not much knitting going on. I'm working on finger puppets for the children's hospital. We have 3000 of them finished so far, with my sister and niece working on a bunch more of them. I knit 211 of them over the long weekend.

Supposed to be a horse club fun day this Saturday, can't see that happening. But at least I have the cross stitch done and ready for the kids to raffle off! :)

That's it for today.

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