Sunday, June 19

must post more!!!

I think I'm going to have make signs that say "Must Post More" and stick them up all over my house. Then maybe I'll take the time to post. Maybe :)

My knitting needles have been busy. Friday night I started a pair of socks for my son. Finished them Saturday night. Today I started a pair of socks for my daughter. Have one almost ready to start the toe decreases. His were knit with Patons Kroy in a Jacquard colorway. Hers are Bernat Sox yarn. Gotta love kids with little feet!!

I need to round up some small knitting projects to take with me tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll finish her socks, and maybe do a potatoe chip scarf. Mary Anne introduced me to them. They look neat! We'll see what yarn jumps out at me when I go downstairs later on.

Troy (son) and I are heading to the city. He has to go to the children't hospital there for a dental check-up. We're doing some browsing while we are in the city as well. And going out to supper with my friend. Then Tuesday morning we have to be back at the hospital for 6:30. 8 am he goes into the OR to have dental work done. He won't sit still to have the work done. He is booked to be in the OR for two hours; they won't really know how much work is to be done until they get him knocked out.

Here's hoping he's a good boy for me while we are in the city. He and I have never stayed in a hotel together before; it'll be an adventure!

Oh, I've also knit a pair of footees for myself in the last week. LIke I said, needles have been busy.

I want to go though our exhibition entry list and pick out some things to make to enter in that as well. There's not big prize money, but it's fun to enter things. I figure that if people don't enter then categories are going to be dropped. Besides, someone has to knit mittens to give my sister some competition :)

I also have 4200 finger puppets to drop off at the hospital tomorrow. No, I didn't knit them all! There is a small group of us who knit them. I knit them, then pass the "bodies" onto my sister. She or my niece sew them up and put the faces on them. I don't like to do that job.

Can't think of anything else to babble about

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