Saturday, May 14


and it's still cold out there! Well, sort of cold. It was very cold this morning, then the wind died down some, and it warmed up. Good day for drying clothes outside :)

I have two little people that live in this house. They, for some unknown reason, have not been able to stop talking today. Most annoying!! Especially when they don't have anything really important to say.

No knitting happening yet today. I have 3 projects on the go; the peacock feathers shawl, a hooded scarf and finger puppets.

I got a new knitting book a couple of weeks ago; Funky Knitting. The kids school had a book fair, and it was one of the books for sale. It's a Scholastic book. I've knit a tank top for Katie out of it, and the hooded scarf is out of it. A cute little book. I'm on the second pattern, and have made changes to every pattern I've knit so far. Mind you, it is geared to someone who is a beginner knitter.

It was a sad day for a friend of mine today. Her son was killed in an ATV accident on Tuesday (or was it Weds?). Anyway; the funeral was today. His son is in my son's grade. The whole family is in shock still; she says "it's a bad nightmare, and I'm waiting to wake up". Warm thoughts going out to the Nash family today.

Humm ... what's up with the roller ball on my mouse? It's not working. :( It was working a minute ago, now it's not.

I've got chocolate chip/walnut cookies in the oven. They are good! Can you smell them???

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