Monday, May 16

I've got a secret

So, if you're my kids stop reading!! :) Yeah, right, they don't/can't read my blog. And, if you're my hubby - I HAD to tell someone!!

He is on a 3-4 hour trek to go look at a haflinger pony. If he likes what he sees he's bringing "Traveler" home to us. A couple is giving him away because his home is being sold. Everything we've heard about him has been good. So, we might be becoming a 3 pony family. I figure he'll be home around 11 tonight. Here's hoping Star and Tiny will be nice!

I had the day off work today. I have spent all day puttering around the house. Doing loads of laundry, cleaning up our bedroom, making my daughters bed and sweeping her floor. Actually I swept all the floors. I've got two room totally cleaned up and ready for the MIL's visit on Saturday. Five more rooms (6 if you count the laundry room) to go. I think the bathroom will be the one I hate to clean the most!!

Oh, the name Traveler? The man who owns him is a civil war buff, and Traveler was the name of General Lee's horse. And yes, I knew that without having to look it up on the internet ... guess some of my highschool history stuck with me afterall :)

It's a cold, rainy day here today. A day to stay inside and do stuff. Wish it was nicer so I could take the puppy for a walk though. We are lucky; he's a good puppy. He seems to know that on rainy days he can't get outside, and he nicely sleeps a lot. Which is pretty amazing for a border collie from what we've been told.

Katie's riding lessons for tonight are cancelled. I don't have a ride to get to my foodbank volunteer duty tonight, so am "accidently" going to forget about it. And there is no way I'm walking Katie down the road to where her piano lessons are!! Not in this rain!

And now I'm off to do more work.

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