Wednesday, August 17

Late Summer Cleaning??

Katie and 2 of her friends spent yesterday afternoon cleaning her room. At one point there was stuff piled at least 2 feet deep!! This morning one of the girls is back helping her again. Apparently they just need to make the bed then they are done. Yes, her room was a bit of a mess.

I bought a sweater at a second hand store on Sunday. It was knit with that fuzzy yarn that scarves are popular made out of now. So I unraveled it and balled it. Yesterday I started a scarf out of the yarn. Finished it this morning. Threaded on some beads and started a second scarf today. Beads, never used beads in my knitting before, so this was something new to me. Some of them you can't see, others you can. Oh well, it'll add a unique touch to the finished scarf.

I'm starting to think of knitting things for the fall and winter craft sales that I do. Thus the scarves. I want to make a bunch of fingerless mittens too. I have a nice pattern for them - just need to remember where it is :) I remember it was supposed to be knit on 2 needles, but I converted it to 4 needles. I noticed that it was supposed to be 2 needles when I got to the thumb instructions. Guess that proves I don't read ahead in patterns, right?

Had the windshield replaced in our truck this morning. Back in June it got a crack in it. They neglected to tell us that we would have to pay the deductable on our insurance for it. Both of us are sure that the guy in the shop said "no deductable". Oh well.

Got my banking materials for my business yesterday. The cheques have a misprint on them. And there is no nice little fake leather cover for my deposit books. I am not impressed with that. Have to make a trip to the bank tomorrow. Spending what I am on them, I refuse to change the typo on the cheques by hand!

This is a sideways picture of something I made with polymer clay one day. It's a blue face wrapped in a blanket. She has sparkly beads on her blanket, and some feathers over her head. Guess she is some sort of a spirit. Just makes me happy when I wear her. I have a similar pin that is a leather face; I bought that one. The feathers came from budgies that we used to own.

Man I have a hard time gettting pictures to go where I want them to!!

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