Monday, August 29

Another Hot Day

I'll be so glad when fall and the cooler weather gets here!! Right now I'm listening to crickets, which to me always means that it's a hot day. UGH!! There is a bit of a breeze blowing though, and every once in a while it blows the right way to come in through the windows, and that feels oh so nice.

Friday was our 16 year anniversary. Hubby arranged for Elizabeth to watch the kids for us. We went to Bridgewater and bought school supplies, went out to supper, went to a scarpbooking store, and to an antique shop, then came home again. Got stuck in trafic for 45 minutes in a construction zone on the way home.

At the antique shop we found something we'd love to have, but simply can't afford. A one-horse buggy (the wheeled type) in good condition. The seat would need some work, but that's about it. Would be nice to have to use with Star. Oh well, maybe we'll win the lottery - gotta start buying tickets first though.

Saturday evening we went out in the harbour in our canoe. It was a bit choppy at first, but then when we got out in the harbour more it calmed down. It was nice. We saw some little ducks, and followed them, then they followed us. :) Paddled past yachts from Switzerland, Georgetown, Los Angeles and Alaska. We also got to see some cormorants and a couple of loons (and now I don't mean silly people).

I also got on Star again last night, but she was acting up when Dan was riding her, so I chickened out. She bucked once while he was on her, that was enough to almost send me into tears. Oh well, I know she'll eventually get trained and calm down. And I'll get brave enough to get on her again.

I've got a bunch of scarves done to take to a craft sale the end of next month. I keep meaning to take a picture of them, and then forget to do it. I'll try to do that in the next couple of days, OK Mary Anne?? :)

Only 10 more days till the kids go back to school. YIPPEE!! That means I get to go back to work too. I'm debating if I want to work on the "big kids" side of the playground or not this year. Both my kids are there, but the little kids are so much fun. And so much easier to deal with; usually. I've got all their school supplies bought. Later on this week, or early next, we'll take a trip to the school in the morning and drop their things off; that way they have less to carry on that first day back to school.

And that's it for today

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