Thursday, August 18

Did you realize

that it is just over 4 months to Christmas?? Many thanks to my Mom for pointing that distressing little tidbit of information to me. Aarggh!! So many things I want to get knit, so little time!! Must get fingers busy!

My list?? 2 pair of wool socks for my brother (have to arrange to get his name when we draw names). Socks for 1 niece and 1 nephew. Scarf for another niece. Socks for 3rd niece?? Second nephew - not sure yet. Have to make something for my Mom, but not sure what yet. Gave her a shrug a couple of years ago; her neighbour (our honourary aunt) really liked it, so would like to make her one for this year. Want to knit a horse sweater for Katie, need to buy yarn for that one. Socks for Troy? Socks for Dan. Guess I had better find a place to buy some sock yarn!! I'm sure there is more on the list!

We've had a lazy day here today. I had a bit of a headache all day, just enough of one to bug me.

I'm knitting a Harry Potter scarf bookmark for a friend of ours. Her b-day is Monday. It's 19 stripes, red and yellow. 15 sts on the needles (5 on each needle), 6 rows to each strip. And I'm using size 1mm (0000) needles! I'm sure she'll love it. And I know I'll have to do one for her sister for her b-day or Christmas - whichever one comes first.

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Mary Anne said...


it's exactly 128 days to Christmas, not that I'm counting :)

You've got so many gifties on your knit list. Me, I don't make a knitting list anymore. I just knit what I want and if it happens to match someone's taste or style, they get it for Christmas. It's the lazy woman's way to stay sane and enjoy the holidays.
mary anne