Wednesday, October 19

"Lucy Neatby Day"

All other stuff going on in the world has ceased to matter to me ... well, almost.

I sent my son off to school not feeling the best, with a small money bribe promised, if he would just go to school and stay there until Daddy gets home from work at 1:00. He woke up saying he didn't feel well this morning; but has no fever, and has his normal amount of energy.

I have arranged a sitter for when my hubby has to work this evening.


Because today I get to meet Lucy Neatby!

She is hosting a Knitting Adventure week at White Point Beach Lodge; which is about 45 minutes from my home. It cost too much to go for the week. So, a friend and I (and a friend of hers) are crashing the event today. We'll be there for a mini trade fair that is happening as well.

Lucy is a knitting designer from Nova Scotia. The first time I found her website I fell in love with her designs. I've been told that she is a very nice, down to earth lady. Can't wait to meet her.

Now off to get some work done before I have to go. Work - do I have too????

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