Friday, October 14

Knitting my fingers away

That what it seems like I'm doing, anyway.

I have a pair of gloves on the go right now, and a dishcloth, and another dishcloth, and a pair of thrummed mittens, and a shawl, and I'm sure there's something else as well. The gloves are for a friends b-day on the 24th. Thankfully her hubby reminded me about her b-day in time to get them started and finished in time - I think. I'm knitting them out of Bernat Sox yarn, blue in color, on size 3mm needles. I must say, I enjoy knitting fingers. Does that make me strange??

The dishcloths are for a gifts and a swap that I am in. The shawl is for me. Mittens are for a craft sale; I hope to get a few pairs of them done.

I'm ordering some Briggs & Little wool the end of the month; then I'll be knitting socks for Christmas presents for my brother and one nephew.

We harvested our little garden the other day. I just finished blanching and freezing 3 ziplock sandwich baggies of baby carrots - our entire carrot crop. Well, our crop minus the ones that Katie took to the ginuea pig in her class, and the ones that we ate raw. Not a big crop by any means.

Next garden/freezing job is to cook the spaghetti squash and freeze that. We got 10 of them, ranging in size from 3 inches (end-to-end) to 12 inches. Once again, not a big crop, but a crop none the less. We did get quite a few beans and peas that we ate as they came ripe. And quite a few little cucumbers that we are eating as they are.

Oh, forgot about the moebius scarf that I have on the go.

Next Weds is going to be a fun day. There are three of us crashing Lucy Neatby's "Knitting Adventure Retreat". It's being held just 40 minutes from my home; but is way too expensive for me to attend. So we are crashing it. There is also a mini trade fair that day. Hopefully I'll be able to find some money to take with me. Wonder where it would be hiding???

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