Friday, December 16

Less than 10 days to go

And I have about .5" and then the toe to go on the first sock of a pair. I'll get them done, I know I will. I hope :)

Today I'm going to my sisters and then we are taking our Mom to do her shopping.

Our local grocery store has a contest for kids 12 and under. They have a blue lobster. The kids get to name the lobster. The name that is chosen wins a $10 gift certificate to a video rental store. Katie would rather have the lobster to eat. That's my girl!!! Katie put in Buster the Blue.

Stitches are starting to itch; is that a good sign?? I hope so!

Tomorrow morning I have to be at the grocery store for 9:00. The local ambulance and police folks are doing a food drive for the food bank - their goal is to fill a vehicle with donations. I'm the food bank rep there for the first hour. Today one of the real estate agents in town is going to match any donations that come into their office. I'm proud of our town and how they support our local food bank.

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