Wednesday, December 21

Dec 21

Not many more days to go till THE BIG DAY!

Katie had a friend over last night; they were up till about 10:30 ish; then up again about 7:30. I think I'll have a tired, cranky girl on my hands tonight. Yippy, just what I needed.

My hand is still feeling naked, but I'm starting to get a little bit used to it. sniff sniff

Last night I finished off my brothers socks! There was a little bit of happy dancin' going on at 11 last night.

That's it, my Christmas knitting is done. Can't be true. Must be something I have to work on. Gotta be! I could finish off the pair of socks that were too small and give them to hubby I suppose. He'd like that.

I was going to knit a bucket hat for my niece, but gave her a scarf out of my stash instead. Katie does want a pair of thrummed mittens. And she wants a bucket hat - not that she would take off her pony club hat to wear it.

So, today is the first day of the kids Christmas vacation. What am I supposed to do with them?? Thankfully the weather appears like it might be halfways decent, so they can go outside and play. Hopefully!

Merry Christmas!

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