Wednesday, April 12

What's new?

Here's a picture of my craft room in progress. You can see my maple slab (I keep wanting to say marble slab) And the new color as opposed to the old color. And the small shelf that is going to hold decorative type things.

I did something to my thumb in my sleep on Sunday night. Did damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in it. Hurt like the dickens Monday morning. Feeling better now. I can use it a bit now without wanting to yell from the pain. It's weak though.

The worst thing about it is that I can't knit.

Today is hubby's b-day. He'll be working until 7ish. I have his cake baking now. The kids gave him some pencils, fake worms for fishing, and some clamps. I had knit a pair of socks for him, and he got one single sock. I'll finish the mate to it when I can.

Went shopping in Yarmouth yesterday. The Easter bunny can come now - I'm ready for him! I can remember when we were kids that we would freeze some grass in the fall, and leave it out for EB. This year we can go pick some fresh grass for him. The kids are invited to an Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon. That should be fun. I hope that it won't rain.

I'm also hoping it won't rain on Friday - that's trail ride day. But, it's not sounding too hopeful that it'll be dry. :(

Guess that's it for now


Laura said...

The craft room is coming along nicely and I like the new color!

Donna said...

The craft room looks great. It's fun to watch the progress. Can't wait till it's finished.

Mary Anne said...


your new room is turning out just perfect. I hope you have nice weather for your Friday ride too and that your thumb is healing well.