Tuesday, February 24

Just an update

I've been knitting. Had an order for 4 pairs of thrummed mittens and a wool hunting hat. Have the last mitten on the needles. Then I have 3 more pair ordered.
Plus my niece asked me to knit her a Where's Waldo type hat for her friend for her b-day.
You'd think I'd be nice and get the camera out and take some pictures. I will when the mittens are all finished. Promise!
Still working on a 2nd saddle pad cover for Katie. It got put on hold because of orders. But, it goes to curling with me, and sometimes gets worked on there a little bit :)
Had a job for 8 days packing up the Bargain Giant store that closed here. That was an interesting job. Lots of counting and writting, and box packing. Supposedly a The Bargain Store is opening in a few months to replace it. There's not many places to shop here now! You want new undies ... gotta go out of town!
Well, now you know I'm still in the land of the living.

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Welcome back Dorothy! Wow, you've been busy. Yes, pictures will be great.