Tuesday, October 2

humm ... can't think of a title

OK, so here is a picture of Katie holding her whirligig. Not the best picture, but a picture. I'll get a better one of it sometime.
Last weekend was 4-H Provincial Show in Windsor. Katie had a felted purse and a jean leg wind sock that were both entered in competitions. The purse got 5th place, and the windsock got 7th. She was pleased with the results. What a nice weekend it was. Over 2000 4-H kids there. Along with sheep, goats, rabbits, cows, light horses, work horses, turkeys, chickens, geese and dogs. It was kind of like organized mass chaos :) Since Katie didn't have any competitions to do we got to watch a little bit of everything. And if you ever have a chance to go watch a 4-H tug-of-war .. DO IT! It's amazing to watch. They have 5 minutes, and everytime we watched it the middle of the rope hardly moved at all in the first couple of minutes.
I'm up to 18 pairs of socks done. Gave one pair to Mary for her birthday on Sunday (she turned one). Pair 14 has also been given away. I'll have to get pictures of 15, 16 & 17 before they go away. 18/52 for the year, guess I'm not going to meet the goal of 52 for the year ... oh well.
Troy will be home soon. When Katie gets home we have to rush her off to a dentist appt. Then I think we'll stop at the local "variety store" and do some browsing .. he has been getting some craft stuff in.
Have a good one!
Updated to add that a kitten is coming here this evening to be fostered. A black long haired little thing is all we know. If it's a boy it may have a home waiting for it. Or it may stay here a bit. Who knows. All I know is I'm getting a baby to cuddle with as I read the latest Harry Potter book (got it from the school library today ... just came in yesterday .. first one to borrow it!)


Donna said...

Sounds like Katie did well with her crafts at the fair!

I haven't been to one of those since our kids were young. They were always lots of fun!

Mary Anne said...

I love the whirligig and Katie did great at the fair with her crafts.

18 pairs of socks is an amazing number of socks.

lexa said...

We have the two Classic Wool colors that a lot of people use for the Gryffindor scarf. That's stuff's 10% off til the end of October. There was a lady in the other day that bought two colors of Canadiana to make one, but I think the CW is closer to the real colors. We have Hufflepuff colors, too, in Canadiana and Astra. Don't think there's anything in the line of sock yarns that would come close to any HP colors.

lexa said...

If you click on the link on my blog it will take you to the colors available in the new sock yarn. There's nothing Harry Potter, though. Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay would probably have something, though.