Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Hope every one has a happy and safe Halloween night.

Troy and I are handing out the treats here at home tonight, hubby has to work. We're going to build a fire in the firepit and hang out there for the evening. Hope we have fun. Last year we had 12 kids, wonder how many we'll have this year?

I accidently got hit in the face with a soccer ball at work today. Now I'm sitting here debating if I want to go the the hospital or not. I'll probably wait, and try to see my own doctor tomorrow. My face is sore, and it hurts if I take a deep breath in through my nose. And it's a little swollen. I suspect I'll have a nice shiner.

Picked up some yummy apples for myself today at Sobeys. Honeycrisp. Friends of ours gave me on the other day, and I totally enjoyed it. Was at Sobeys today and a girl asked me if I wanted to try a sample of apple. Tried it, and it was the same kind ... so off to the produce dept I went. They are a big apple, I eat half of one at a time. A sweet, but yet a little tart, taste. Go buy some!

Working on a pair of red and yellow socks for a friends daughter for Christmas. Using some acryllic yarn that I got at our local "dollar store"; sort of Harry Potter colors, but not really ... close enough to do.

Have a big pot of chicken soup on the stove, and it smells nice!

Have a good one!!


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lexa said...

Hope your face feels better and you won't have to visit the doctor. Bet that really hurt -- I have a tendency to be the one to get hit with stuff like that at any "sporting events".