Wednesday, November 14

It's getting chilly outside

which means I want to do more knitting. Right now I'm working on socks for Christmas presents. Nothing too exciting. Just plain ol' socks.

Have knit some animal pelts. That was the "pattern of the day" for Sat/Sun in my knitting calendar. I'd post pictures, but they aren't in the computer yet. I've done a purple pelt, and a multi-colored pelt (that one went to school with Katie today). This blog has a picture of a pelt on it that she knit ... so go there and get an idea of what I'm creating. Little bits of cuteness :)

I've got a Pampered Chef party here on Saturday. We're looking at all kinds of neat baking/cooking gadgets. Then the demonstrator lady will make us a cinnamon Christmas tree to eat, and we'll make some pretzel wreaths. I'm also going to make up a meat tray. We'll have brunch. 11:00 if you are reading this and want to come.

We had our first snow on the weekend. Our fish pond has been having a thin layer of ice on it in the mornings. It's kind of neat to look at the fish through the ice. We've been told we can just leave the fish in the pond all winter, and next spring they'll still be alive. I hope everyone who told us that is right!

Tomorrow I get to work as a Library Assistant for the day. Ours school LA has to go for an appt, and I've been hired to fill in for her :) YIPPEE for me! I've been volunteering in the library for many years now, and know how to do all the things that I'll need to do. I hope it's a good day. I'll have 2 classes coming to check out books, 2 classes coming to do research, and 1 a few kids from another class coming down to work on powerpoint stuff. I'll take my knitting with me.

Have a good day!


Mary Anne said...

snow already! Yay for you, although the fishies might not agree. I love the animal pelts, so cute. Good luck with your Pampered Chef party.

lexa said...

I did not like that snow already -- I'm glad it's gone. I'm pretty much a snow-only-for-Christmas person. I wish it never got colder than +10C all winter.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, Dorothy! I wish I could come, but hubby's best friend will be coming down for the last week of hunting season, and naturally 18-year old will be in on that fun so no one to watch my kiddies. Oh well. Have a great time!