Thursday, November 22


Do you know that it's just over a month till Christmas?? Where did November go?? Yesterday it was about Nov 4th I'm sure!!

On the positive side, I have a craft sale to sell at on Saturday. Today I finished off 24 ornaments to take to hopefully sell at it. If they don't sell they'll become Christmas presents :)

I've gotten some orders for ornaments that need to be made; I'll start on the patterns for those later today.

I've also got a few presents made and/or bought, so I've got a start on the list. Really need to get busy and get more things made.

Today is quiet ... for now.

Both kids only have a half day of school. It's report card day. Both had good reports. Troy is settling into the high school quite nicely, taking part in class and doing as he is required to do. He has done a few projects even :) Katie is doing nicely, she needs to work on her reading, spelling and book report doing.

When she comes home today she'll have a friend with her. I'll take the two girls to curling at 3:00. Come home, grab some supper, and then go to the firehall for 6:00. We're getting together tonight to set up the tables for the craft sale, decorate the hall and make the soup to serve on Saturday. (we make the *best* turkey soup!). We're also going to be making sandwiches, sweets and nibbly type food for a funeral reception tomorrow - a fireman's grandmother passed away. (The day after his daughter was born)

Tomorrow evening is set up stuff to be sold on Saturday. Saturday is the sale. There are actually two craft sales in town tomorrow, and a parade at 2:00 .... so it's a good day to come to Shelburne :)

I've been knitting pelts. Have some for the sale. Made a blue one for Katie to give to a friend for her b-day present tomorrow. Have to make a green one for another friends b-day gift ... green fun fur is not available in town. She may need to settle for another color.

I'm also working on a pair of socks for someone for her Christmas present - no names because she reads my blog. I hope she'll like them. Want to knit a bunch of pocketbook slippers for SIL and her hubby for their gift - they have a new house, would be nice for their guests to have slippers to put on.

Well, enough babbling. Have a good one!


Mary Anne said...

you are such a busy person and you get so much done, I am in awe. I'm glad to hear both kids are doing well in school.

lexa said...

You're very busy! My Oldest One goes curling on Saturdays, just started this year. It's so eary -- we have to be there for 8, and it runs til 9:30. He's really enjoying it. Last year was the first year for the Little Rocks program here, and kids had to be seven by Dec 31. He didn't turn 7 til Jan 7, so he missed it by a week!

Good luck at the craft sale! I can't keep those little diagonal felted bags going at the store. I have another knit and ready to felt and the yarn to make three more. It's hard when I have Christmas knitting to do as well. Time is running out! But I like the extra money.