Thursday, August 23

Weds update on life

Please, don't be expecting anything exciting!!!

Had Troy to the IWK on Tuesday for a dental appt, then Weds he went to the OR for dental work. Two hours, and lots of work later, he was done. Then we had to stay at the hospital until he was alert enough to leave - we left at 4:20. Got there at 6:00!! Long Day!! I spent the time knitting finger puppets for the IWK. Troy's almost back to his "normal" self today, still not really energetic.

I did finish his socks, and he was able to wear them into the OR. They made him happy. I'll take pictures later ... I promised Heddy I would! :)

Now I'm working on socks for my little niece Mary, she turns a year old next month. She'll get a pair to match Katies and a pair to match Troys. And maybe another pair, we'll see.

Our friends dog, Teddy, is coming tomorrow to spend the weekend with us. He's a good dog, and we enjoy having him come to visit. Last week he had a disc slip out of place in his back, and he's still not 100% percent on the walking, so they aren't taking him with them to their camp that is a 30 minute walk in the woods. Can't blame them. We get to enjoy him :) Our house is the only house he'll go to visit at and eat while he is there ... makes us feel special. When he was first hurt he'd try to get up when I'd go to visit, but not when anyone else went. I think Teddy likes me :) I'll have to get a picture of him too.

Oh, and I'll have to get a picture of the walkway my hubby is making. Really cool!! Not going to tell you what it is, you'll have to wait for the picture. One of our friends saw it yesterday and fell in love with it.


lexa said...

That's a long time! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the socks. :)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

We don't care what you write about, exciting or boring or just about the daily grind. We missed you!
Hope the dental recovery will be speedy.

Heddy said...

Hi Dorothy:

The party was a hoot -- lots of bitty babies and 3 and 4 year old "big kids"! The bubbles were a huge hit (my husband bought me the machine because I "do" a lot of parades and am always looking for a better way to blow bubbles - it is amazing how many people love bubbles, young and old! -- if you want your husband to get you one, they are probably on sale by now at Walmart -- I think full price, we only paid $25 dollars for it, and it hold a litre of bubble fluid. the brand name is "Gazillion Typhoon - Ultimate bubble fountain". If they don't stock it, maybe you could get one ordered in!)

Mary Anne said...

Looking forward to seeing a picture of that walkway. It sounds interesting. and teddy too :).