Sunday, July 1

Darn Darn Darn!!!

Just had to frog my broadripple sock!!
Had the cuff done, the heel turned, and finished the gusset. Decided to try it on to see how it fit. Well, it went on my foot; but there is no what it's going over my heel!! Guess my needles were too small :( Don't have a bigger size in my needle stash.
I'm sad now.
Will go knit on a dishcloth instead.
So much for having some "exciting" kntting to put into this contest. Oh well. I could knit the yarn up into plain socks I suppose. Or pick another pattern that uses small needles.
Hope you're having a good Canada Day!!!


Mary Anne said...

Drat those socks!
Happy Canada Day!!!

Donna said...

Sorry about the socks. Have a nice lunch today!

Heddy said...

Enjoy your lunch! Sorry to hear about the socks ... better luck next time! I'll still enter you in the contest -- I didn't say the knyitting had to be "exciting" , just that you had to knit! I may make a few dishcloths today (the feather and fan i made a few weeks ago is 5" high and 10" long, not sure what I did wrong? I used bigger needles than it called for ... but didn't think I'd screw it up that badly!)

Have a fun holiday, and enjoy the bunnies at WHite Point!