Friday, June 29

Turtle Rescue

Katie and I were driving home from her 4-H achievement day this evening, and there, on the side of the road, was a small turtle. One the road, where a turtle should not be if it wants to live. So we turned around and went back. Had to get it off the road. It was a small snapping turtle, about the size of a bread and butter plate. Sadly it had already been hit by a car, it's shell was cracked, and there was some blood. :( A man stopped and he put it down in the ditch, where hopefully it will decide to go the other direction. He said his wife was a bit further up the road watching another turtle, so we went to see that one too, and there it was, strolling across the parking lot of the bottle return depot :) On Tuesday Troy and I saw a turtle laying eggs.

Hubby bought the groceries for Troy's grad party tomorrow. And he bought me 5lbs of PEI mussels for my early birthday present. I steamed them up this evening, and was even nice enough to share them. There's no way I could have eaten that many mussels by myself. They were YUMMY!

Did I mention that I got on Dancer yesterday and rode her for a little bit? I did!! :)

Happy Canada Day Weekend!


Heddy said...

how nice of you to stop and help the turtles! I have been seeing them everywhere lately - esp. on Route 8 on the way to Caledonia. Haven't seen any ones hit yet, they have all been calmyly sitting beside the road .... but I am too scared to stop and help them move to the ditch (I need all my fingers for knitting!)

Donna said...

Good for you! I often wonder if those poor turtles ever get to the other side.
Have a great Canada Day!

Dorothy said...

you do need to be careful when moving a turtle. The bigger snappers can reach their head around to their back feet - only safe way to move them is with a shovel. Little guys you can pick up and move, carefully. Just wash your hands - turtles carry salmonella poison.
We used to have a railroad track go past our house when I was a kid, we'd often find turtles that had lost legs to the trains. We'd bring them home, keep them for a few days then let them go in the pond :)

lexa said...

I hope the little guy makes out okay. I guess there's a snapping turtle on the Trestle Trail in town lately. Someone was in the store the other day and said she has to take her camera to get pics of it. They think it's laying eggs over there cuz it's near a swampy area.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Mary Anne said...

poor turtle. I hope it was ok. and that was an interesting little video of mama turtle laying eggs.