Saturday, June 9


Darn it!! Had a post typed and lost it!!

It's World Wide Knit In Public Day. What are you doing to celebrate?

Me? I'm babysitting my niece. Did plan to go to a knitting event in Liverpool, but really can't afford the gas money to go. Besides, my niece is such a cutie patootie it's hard to say "no" to babysitting her :)

I've started a pair of broadripple socks for myself. First time doing anything other than plain socks. A big step for me. Only have the cuff and the first 4 rows done on the first sock. And camera is with hubby, so no pictures. Sorry.

Sent hubby and 11 other men off on a canoe trip weekend. Hope they are having a good time. Last year it was only 4 guys, and it rained all weekend. Sun is shining brightly today - hope they remember their sunscreen!! Pick up is tomorrow afternoon, sometime. I know the canoes were well loaded down when they left yesterday. Here's hoping the fish are biting - and not the flies :)

I'm looking for a sewing machine. So, if you are reading this, and you are "local" to me, and you know someone with one for sale (cheaply) please let me know. Thanks!!

Have a good day!!
Happy WWKIPDay!


Heddy said...

OOOOhhhhh .... I enjoy Broadripple! They were my first attempt at a "fancy sock" and I have made several pairs now! Good luck with yours -- I wanna see! (what tarns? colour? stripes or none? are you liking them?)

Happy WWKIPD! I knit outdoord in Liverpool today .... I'm sure Lexa will post a pic and some info on the event latere on tonight, so I won't ruin it by telling all the deatils - check out her blog!

lexa said...

I wore my first pair of Broadripples today! I've made two pairs since then, too.

Too bad you couldn't make it, but I understand. This new truck we got is a gas guzzer. I can't stand it! I like everything about it so far -- except the gas guzzling!

I will let you know about the Regia. I found two Harry Potter colors, the one on Alison's blog, and another that is yellow and black for Hufflepuff. I'm going to try to get her to order it. Since the new movie will be out next month it may be a good thing to get in stock! I'd like to make myself a pair of each.

Donna said...

Spent part of WWKIP day at Memory Lane with Lexa and Heddy! We sat outside and were fairly comfortable, despite the breeze.
Good luck with your socks!

Donna said...

The Quarterdeck is a lovely place for lunch. Spectacular view and the food is good. Lunch prices are fairly reasonable...... $8 or higher but good portions. I haven't been for lunch yet this year so I am not sure about the prices. I would recommend a reservation as that is a very busy weekend in Queens Co.