Wednesday, May 23

5 of 52 done

I've knit 5 pairs of socks. Had pictures of them all to, but lost the pictures somehwere :( I can re-take the pictures of 2 pairs, and will do that one of these days.

Right now I'm working on using up all my cotton yarn making dishcloths. Have 30+ done now. A few for gift giving, and most for selling. Want to buy a dishcloth??

Our son has a cold, and he has been so kind as to share his germs. I'm getting a sore throat and a cough.

More another day.


Heddy said...

that's too bad you lost the pictures ... I'd love to see the ones you can still get pics of ... i can't get enough of sock oogling!


Donna said...

Sorry about your cold. Summer colds are the pits.
Good luck with the dishcloths.

Mary Anne said...

Pictures are good but it's just nice to see you posting. I hope you get over that cold quickly. and yay for you - 5 pairs of socks and 30 cloths!

lexa said...

Too bad about the lost pictures. :(

Wow! You're a dishcloth machine!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Dorothy. Hope you're all better. 30 dishcloths! WOW!! I started using up my cotton too, but mine are classified face cloths. I'm on my fourth one since Saturday afternoon. Dishcloths will be next. Good way to deplete the stash, for sure!

Heddy said...

are you going to the Memory Lane WWKIP event on Saturday Afternoon ??? I will be there after I get cleaned up from working at the Victoria Lake Youth Fishing Derby (Should be there in lots of time for the 1 p.m. event!

Hope to meet you there!