Tuesday, July 3

Walk/Trot Class for a Cure

In August, at our local exhibition, I'll be taking part in a "walk/trot Class for a Cure"

This is a riding class in which the riders will only be going at a walk or a trot. Typically a class for beginners, or those with new horses. But this class is different, it's open to all horses and riders. And it's a fund raiser! There is a $5.00 entry fee, and the entry fees will be given to Breast Cancer Research.

I'll be collecting "sponsors" for this ride, with the money being given as an added donation. If you would like to support me in this cause, drop me a line at
boobearns@ss.eastlink.ca and I'll let you know how to send some $$ to me.

Oh yes, would someone please let me know if this font is pink. Our monitor has a yellow tinge to it, so I can't tell. Thanks!!! I changed the color, is it better yet?


Heddy said...

Sounds lie a great cause . Good Luck with your fundraising!

BTW ... the font is orange!

Sandi said...

Good luck Dorothy... and the font is pink on my laptop... strange 8-)


Mary Anne said...


yes, I will be a sponsor and yes, the font is Pink!!

Heddy said...

Yay! the font is now a pretty shade of pink (you must have made an adjustment since I first posted!)

Heddy said...

I sometimes work weekends, but if it fit in my schedule ... I would KIP with you.

lexa said...

You're pink on my monitor.

I read your comment on Heddy's blog, and if I could arrange it I could come with her and KIP, too.