Tuesday, July 3

July 3rd

Gee, this is the most chatty I've been in a while.

Yesterday my friend Jan and I planned to take our friend Elizabeth out for lunch for her b-day. Her b-day was last week, but with her daughter graduating from HS, and the flower shop she works at being super busy we decided to celebrate a bit late. We went to White Point We had lunch and went for a walk on the beach. After lunch we went to the Rosginol Cultural Centre (well worth the $4 admission fee!!). On the way home we stopped at a little restaurant in Port Mouton for desserts. Another nice stop. It was a good day.

When they came to pick me up I got a surprise. They had gotten together and bought me a Super Dorothy rose bush for my birthday. (Jan is going to be away on my birthday next week) I had seen them at our local garden centre a while ago, and given the name of it, I really wanted one. Now I need to find a place to plant it. Jan also paid for my lunch as well as Elizabeths. (I was expecting to pay half of Elizabeths lunch, and for my own)

I've been knitting some fun fur yarn scarves for a friend of mine. She is going to knit hats to go with them, and give them as Christmas presents. I started the third one today, will have to email her later and get more yarn from her. Still too ticked off to re-start the socks.

Today is an exciting day, I'm doing housework. YIPPEE!!


Donna said...

Glad to hear you had a nice day yesterday. The Rossignol Cultural Centre really is a lovely place to browse around. Lots of neat stuff.

Have a great day!

Dorothy said...

Lots and lots of neat stuff there.
We were a bit skeptical at first. But after 10 minutes saying it was well worth the visit :)

Mary Anne said...

dear miss Super Dorothy,

it sounds like a wonderful day for you and your friends and how special is that, to have a rose named after you :).

It's so good of you also to help your friend's knitting project by working on the fun fur scarves, but not surprising.