Saturday, March 18


OK, for some reason I got the urge to clean up the craft room today. It really really really needs it!

So I started out to organize. I ended up taking all the stuff off a top shelf, and dusting it. Then everything off the 2nd shelf, and the third. Before I knew it all four shelves were down, cleaned, out of the room and the brackets gone!

Then I filled holes, sanded and primed. Ran to town, bought paint, and now have the short wall in my craft room a whole new color! It's sort of a brownish/yellowish color, trim will be burgandy.

Hubby is going to get some maple to build me a desktop that is the whole width or the room (11 feet). Not sure about shelves on that wall yet. New storage units will be built too.

Gonna get it all cleaned up, and start trying to get a bit more "serious" about my crafting. Plus, if I really use that room, then I can use it as a business expense :)

Jennifer, heard you made some mint fudge :) Sounds good, wish I had some chocolates left.


Jennifer said...

Yep, I made some peppermint fudge the other day since most of the chocolates I had left were broken anyway. The container of them held over my hot pot of boiling water for a bit, set down to be stirred, held over to melt some more, then stirred some was easy, didn't take long and tasted good!

Happy Crafting!
And Happy Day after St. Patrick's Day!
Did Freddie & Troy O'Cutie like their cards?

Barbara said...

Your room sounds fabulous! I still need insulation for the floor and floor covering in my room. It gets really cold when the wind blows. Hard to craft anything when you can't feel your fingers!