Saturday, March 4

Dee is still pink

The color didn't go away over night. Katie has taken to calling her Strawberry. Ran into a member of the horse club at the grocery store last night. Was telling her about Dee, and how I had dyed her. Gave her a good chuckle. And got another potential buyer for Star should the lady who is taking her for a month decide not to take her.

Elizabeth and I got together for the evening. She got a good laugh out of my pink horse. So did her hubby and one daughter. I look at her and smile. She's good for the mood. We're going to try to get a picture using a video camera later on today.

Have I mentioned FlyLady? Check out this site it's a good motivator. My house is looking so much better since I started out on this. I'm on day 9. My laundry is getting done instead of piling up, my meals are planned, flat surfaces aren't piled up quite so much, I'm getting rid of things I don't need/want anymore. Katie is working on her room today, cleaning it in zones. Now, to just get her to get rid of some things!!

I've got a load of laundry going now, the dishes in the dishwasher are cooling before I put them away, I have a loaf of brown bread going in the machine, and Troy is sweeping the floor for me. Three machines and one kid working hard for me :)

Hubby has to work this afternoon, so I missed out on a chance to go to Yarmouth to do a bit of shopping. Oh well. I have a chance to go there with my sister on Tuesday, will have to decide about that. They are adopting this guy on the 15th, after he is neutered. They are taking their dog up to play with him for a bit on Tuesday. They used me as a reference, and when the SPCA called me I almost told the guy that if I were to die today I'd want to come back as one of their pets - they are that well spoiled :)

Well, back to the housework.


Mary Anne said...


oh that little dog is sooo cute! I hope your weekend has been a good one.

Laura said...

He is a cutie, alright! Congrats on following the Fly Lady program for 9 can't be easy to get started, but you did it!