Thursday, January 24

I'm so excited

Hubby's sister called last night to tell us that she and her hubby are having a baby in July. YIPPEE!!!

She emailed today to tell us that they are having two babies in July (if not ealier, you know how twins can be).

Now, what should I put on my knitting wish list for twins? Hopefully she'll find out in March what they are, and will let us know. Any suggestions anyone? I like simple knits, I have knitter ADD and lose interest quickly. (that's why you never see a sweater in my blog... I don't do them)



Donna said...

Congrats. The Tulip and Rocketry baby sweater patterns knit up very quickly and are hugely popular with the new parents. I have the patterns and Have a Yarn has the kits.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

That's awesome news, Dorothy! Lots and lots of patterns out there. I'm sure we'll be able to help you find something.
Do you go to the knit nights in Liverpool?