Saturday, January 12


I'm thinking that the date for this in 2008 will be June 14, the second Saturday in June. Anyone know if that is correct?
2008 is Shelburne's "big year" and I'm thinking that a knit-in on the waterfront might be fun to have this year. I'll have to see if I can get the use of Guild Hall for the day (scroll down for the picture). If not, there's always that nice little park by the tourist bureau, or I've got a friend who lives on the other side of the tourist bureau, and I'm sure she'd let us use her lawn ... which is soo nice.
Anyway, when I find out the correct date I'll look into booking a place. If you are reading this blog, and are with-in driving distance of Shelburne, please watch for plans ... and book the day off work.
In an ideal world I'd be able to get yarn and such donated for give-aways, but we'll probably have to settle for tea, coffee, cold drinks and food :)
In other news, I'm still working on thrummed mittens. Have knit 3 pair so far, one more pair to go for the order. Have also knit a pair of fingerless mittens for my niece, and a pair for my daughter, six finger puppets, the leg of a sock for me, and part of the leg of a sock for hubby. Wonder if I have some form of knitters ADD??
Tuesday (weather permitting) I'm heading to Liverpool to pick up a muffin of roving to use for thrummed mittens. Was hoping to go yesterday, but the truck had to go in for its safety inspection (got off cheap this year!!). Missed meeting Lexa - but my brother may have met her, he was apparently going there yesterday.
Have a good one!


Donna said...

Aren't you the impressive one, planning so far ahead!
Congrats on your thrummed mittens. They are so warm and everyone loves them.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Dorothy. Still planning on going to Liverpool on Tuesday? We could meet up there and I could deliver some yarn to you. Drop me an email with your Phone # and I'll give you a call. Let me know if you're looking for any special colours and I'll see what I have.
What are you favourite colours?

You're being quite productive, btw.

lexa said...

I didn't see him if he was there. I have your white roving set aside, up on the ledge in the window behind the counter. If the roads aren't good tomorrow and you come on Wednesday instead then I will be there!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Dorothy. I wrote your numbers down. Can you please delete your comment from my blog to protect your #'s? I can't figure out how to do it from my end. :( Give you a call tomorrow.
We went to the valley today after school with the kids to show them the new house and driving was a nightmare, there and back. South Mountain had hideous conditions, much worse than at home. We'll see what tomorrow holds.

Dorothy said...

Barbara, left you a note on your blog, but it didn't show up, at least I can't see it.
We're leaving here about 8:30, should be there about 9:15 or so.
The 874 # is my cell if you want to call me on that and arrange a place to meet.