Monday, January 7

yarn on kijiji

While looking around the local Kijiji site this morning I saw an ad for yarn for sale. Discovered a new yarn shop in Nova Scotia :) Basket of Yarn
And hubby tells me he just saw an ad on BT for someone who makes buffalo yarn.
Have a good day!
Oh yes, you ladies who had the road trip on Saturday - I'm jealous! But I hope you had lots of fun!


Donna said...

Thanks for the tip on the Yarn Shop in Tantallon. Might pop in there one day on a trip to the city!

lexa said...

I'll have to check it out sometime. Thanks for the link.

If you are still coming through Friday morning I may get to meet you this time! I work from 9:30-3 but have to run out at 11:30 for ten minutes or so to take the Littlest One from preschool to Nanny's. I haven't been to work yet this week, but if the B&L order arrived or arrives before Friday (which it should, they're very fast) then I will switch the blue for the white roving for you.

lexa said...

I won't be working Tuesday, but Mary will. She knows that there is roving set aside for you.

We'll get to meet someday!

Sandra said...

This is a terrific little shop - it has everything including classes which is a bonus. The owner Susan enjoyed helping me choose the yarn for a shawl pattern that I bought from her shop. The nice thing I like about going there is that Susan always takes the time to explain the pattern you bought as nine times out of ten she has already made a shop sample herself. I am also a quilter and a lot of the ladies in my guild, after hearing me talk about this little shop, now make it one of their stops when they come into town for our meetings!