Tuesday, January 15

RIP Boys In Red

The tragic accident in Bathurst on the weekend has been on my hubbys mind. He graduated from BHS. He knew lady who was killed. One of his cousins was the first officer on the scene.
Tomorrow the kids and staff at the local schools are encouraged to wear red and black to school; he dug out his high school jacket, and DS will be wearing it to school for the day.

My friend, Jane (also my sock knitting student) has agreed to have the WWKIP day event at her house, on her lovely lawn ... and she hopes her flowers will be blooming. Now to confirm when the date is, then planning can start.

Yesterday when Jane and her daughter came for their lesson they brought me presents :) A skein of the Austerman Step yarn, and a set of bamboo needles. I'm such a lucky lady!! Oh, and some wool for thrumms.

Today I went to Memory Lane in Liverpool and picked up a "muffin" of roving for thrummed mittens, and a skein of wool to do a pair of mittens for me. Still haven't met Lexa there. We made a flying trip; there and back in 2 hours!! Had no time for looking around, I had to be back for my volunteer library duty ... which it's a good thing I was back for, because the other volunteer couldn't come.

While in the Library I got an order for 2 pair of wool socks. Now to figure out a price. Anyone knit socks to sell? What do you charge??

Have a good one!

Edited to add a picture of the four pairs of thrummed mittens. The grey one on top is thrummed with combed wool, the blue one on the bottom is thrummed with roving. I prefer the roving.


lexa said...

Yes, that accident is soooo sad. I get teary-eyed whenever I see it on tv, and I didn't know any of them. When I was 19 there were three guys from my high school that got killed in a car accident in Port Mouton. One was my age, and the other two were 18/17, thereabouts. They had a group funeral service in the high school gymnasium.

I haven't sold any wool work socks. I've sold some of the self-striping kind for $25. (I saw some tagged at $35 in the Mahone Bay yarn store.) I'd like to do some Briggs & Little wool work socks to sell, and I'd put at least $20 on a pair. A friend who knits a lot for another yarn store says you should make at least $15 after yarn cost for a pair of socks, if that's any help.

Donna said...

Your thrummed mittens look great. I have only done them using the roving and was very happy with it.

No idea what to charge for socks. Someone told me 3 x the cost of making them. If that helps.

Mary Anne said...

Your thrummed mittens are beautiful, Dorothy! and congrats on the wool socks order, and the pressies from your students.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Sounds like I've been undercharging by a lot. But then I've been charging on par with what the Farmer's Coop sells their socks at which is $13.99 + tax this year. I've been charging $14 and I usually get a tip on top of that. Depends if you can get your yarn at a good price.

Marti said...

I've only ever sold one pair and I charged $15.

You should definitely come out to our Knit Nite! The more crazy knitters, the better.