Friday, January 25


I went fabric shopping yesterday. Going to make some shirts for Katie to wear in her Western Riding classes this summer.

I've attached a picture of what I got. The pink was supposed to be the collar and cuffs of the purple with pink and gold fabric, but when I got it home and washed, I don't care for it as much as I did in the store. Think I might use the purple as collar and cuffs on both ... unless I get to another fabric store. What do you think? Is the pink too pink for that fabric?
The pink paisley in the background is a cheater quilter scrap I picked up at Frenchy's - thought some of the fabric in it might be usable for accents.
Still shaking my head and smiling over the twins.


lexa said...

The pink kinda sticks out to me, but it might be alright as cuffs/collars. I like the lavendar colored material the best.

Twins! WOW! I'll keep my eyes open for any patterns you may find interesting.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

The pink does seem too much for that purple. The violet looks great against both, from the pics.

Jennifer said...

I like the purple better with those too.