Tuesday, January 3

New Years Resolutions

I figure why make them, that's just setting myself up for failure. :) So, I don't make any, I just do the best that I can each year.

So far this year I have finished one sock for my hubby, and one sock for my brother. Now I've got to start my brothers second sock, and finish the second one for my hubby.

Then I have yarn for 3 pair for me lined up to knit. The tough part will be deciding which ones to do first.

I still have one thrummed mitten to knit for our daughter. And she said she'd like a pair of knit socks too. We'll see.

New Years Eve, at about 3:15 in the morning we were woken up by sounds of our ponies in the front yard. Yesterday morning we got up at 8:30, and they were out. Don't think they were out for long though. Our solar powered battery for the electric fence is dying in the night. They figure out that's not working, and escape. So now they are spending nights locked in the barn. I'll let them out when I get home after work at lunchtime today, and they'll be out until 6ish. Only allowed out when we are around to watch them!

Flint and I went for a walk (and he ran) at the park this morning. Found a nice wool sweater while we were there. Well, Flint found it. He ran and ran and ran with it in his mouth for about 10 minutes or so. We brought it home, and will find a nice home for it. Northern Apparel is the brand name, size medium. Possibly smaller, it looks felted a bit. Hey, Mary Anne, what size do you wear?

And now I'm off to the wonderful world of housework. At least the kids are back in school now, so I have relative peace while I'm doing it :)

Happy Day!

Strange thing happened at work today. Last night I had a dream that I opened a bakery/coffee shop, selling cakes, cookies, etc that I baked. In real life this is what happened. For Christmas I gave a lot of baked goodies to teachers, PSA's, etc at the school. Two of those folks told me today that I should open a bakery selling my cakes, they were soo good. Wonder if it would be successful?

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Mary Anne said...

happy new year Dorothy!
those ponies are sooo smart and have good taste - finding a WOOL sweater, not acrylic :)
Medium, that's me. Medium.mmmm
I hope your 2006 is the best year ever, kiddo.