Thursday, January 19

Phew, what a mental workout!

I did it! I managed to add a couple of links, get rid of my daily posts titles, and add some buttons! What a mental workout it was though! Took me the longest time to get my brain to work things out. I am not computer savvy!!

It's a sunny day here today.

I've got my brothers socks done, ready to be delivered to him or his wife this afternoon at curling. Still haven't started the thrummed mittens - just not in the mood - but I know I have to get to work on them. Maybe I'll ball up the yarn after I get typing this?

We bought a bread maker last week. Made three loafs of bread, and did not enjoy a single one of them. The sides of it were hard, too hard to comfortably eat. So yesterday that bread machine went back to the store, and I spent a little more money and got another one. Made a loaf in that machine last night, and it's MUCH better! Have to get another loaf going soon. The kids have requested french toast for supper; and that needs homemade bread.

Knitting. Have a sock for me to knit; that's my project for working on at curling this afternoon. Have 2 pair of thrummed mittens to knit. And I started trying to crochet a fly mask for Dee. (the horse) I'm not a crocheter!!

Have a good day!

Mary Anne, are you proud of me?? :)

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Mary Anne said...

Yes Dorothy,

I am very proud of you!
You are learning quicker than I did.
I hope your crocheting goes well.