Tuesday, January 24

It's Tuesday

And it's been "one of those days". I have known, and remembered, since last week that I had a dentist appt this morning at 10:30. So, at 10:35 why was the dentists office calling me to see where I was?? Cause I forgot! Despite telling someone at 9:45 that I had to go to the dentist! What a scatter brain I can be!! This is why I have a PDA, 2 calendars and a note book!!

Last night I knit on a pair of earwarmers that I am making. I should finish them tonight, then I'll have 2 pair of earwamers to mail out to two different folks at the end of the week. One pair going to BC, the other pair going to another part of NS. I did a contest on a bulletin board that I belong to, the winner gets earwarmers to wear when they go out horseback riding in the winter.

Noticed something 'unique' today. Kids are fussy! The school has a mitten box, and kids are welcome to take mittens out of the box to wear if they forget to bring some from home, or if theirs get wet. Well, kids won't take any two mittens; they HAVE to match. And there aren't that many matching pairs in the box. A small portion of my brain is telling me to knit mittens to put in the box; knit until next winter, then donate a whole bunch of mittens. Use a big ball of one color for the main color, and various colors for stripes, so that if at least the main color matches, they should be OK to wear.

We had our first real snow of the winter yesterday. Got about 10 inches of snow in about 10 hours. Nice wet packy snow. The kids had snowballs and snowmen all over the playground at lunchtime. They had fun! We have a big snowman in our front yard, but he has lost his head. Sadly it's calling for rain tonight.

guess that's it for now

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Mary Anne said...


stop bragging about your snow :0)
The weather guy has been promising a snow day since Dec. but none yet. I'm still hopeful though.

Matching mittens - my sister was like that as a kid. Everything had to match or she wouldn't wear it. fussy, fussy. I'd mix all kinds of garish colours together if they made me happy.

Have a great day!