Thursday, January 26

It's Thursday

Troy is home sick again today. Poor kid, had a fever of 102 last night. Still feeling pretty tired and hot today. Wants me to sit beside him, so sit beside him I shall.
And work on thrummed mittens - or a 2nd sock. I'm more in the mood to work on the sock than the mittens. But the mittens are an order. Have to keep telling myself that!
We didn't get as much snow as they were predicting for us. But now they are saying we are supposed to have flurries all day today. Sorry Mary Anne! I'm trying to send it your way; honest!!
Off to tend to the boy.

Added this:
The socks won out. Started the second sock. I'm using some of the self-patterning sock yarn. And the two socks are not going to match. I was going to make them match, but had to "waste" about 3 miles of sock yarn to find the repeat where I cast one. Well, not quite 3 miles, but a lot. Couldn't see that much yarn not being used. So I decided to have non-matching socks.

Did I mention that I was looking for an inside rabbit cage for the bunny in one of the classes at the school? Well, I am. I'm helping the teacher try to track a cage down. And I think I found one; will be going to check it out tonight. Little Guchi spends his time, when he is not out hopping around the classroom, in a cardboard box. Standing on his hind feet trying to see what the kids are doing. He's such a cute little bunny. I am trying to rememer to take him a little bit of hay today.

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Mary Anne said...


stop with the SNOW comments already! That dratted weatherman keeps promising me one day of snow,then taking it away.

Guchi, what a cute name for a bunny. I hope you find the right cage for the little furball.