Monday, January 9

It's Monday again

Monday is a nice day, in a way. The kids go back to school, I get time home alone, all is supposed to be good. Today I was home alone for about an hour. Got a load of laundry washed, and a load dried in that time. Not much "me" stuff happening at all.

I'm still working on my brothers socks. The final sock is not growing very quickly. I'll take it to Elizabeths house to work on tonight, it should grow there - I hope. Unless we get busy doing her scrapbooking stuff instead.

I have also cast on a slipper for me. And have a pair of ear warmers to knit. And a pair to get in the mail.

I'm hungry today. Just don't know what I want to eat. So I'm nibbling - not good for the waist line at all!

My Mom gave me a step counter the other day. Not sure why, but she did. It says that I've done 4344 steps so far today. I'm sure it must be more. But, I'll trust it at it's count, and keep track of my steps just for the fun of it. It's cold and damp today, so I'm not going for my walk.

Pretty boring post today, sorry. That's my life - boring

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