Wednesday, January 18

I'm such a computer dummy

I've been trying since yesterday to add a button to my sidebar. Can't do it!!

Mary Anne - HELP! :)

Not much knitting going on right now. Between projects.

We bought a new horse :) Her name is Dee. She's a appaloosa. Here is a picture of Katie on her. In our backyard, in January, with no snow! (mind you, we did get snow after this picture was taken - but it's supposed to rain today)

Well, no rain yet, but it's certainly getting windy out there!

I managed to change the look of my blog; but not much else. Seems I have to set up a photobucket account, and I'm too brain dead to do that today. (I typed "bring dead" - see what I mean!) Maybe tomorrow, when the kids aren't around to bug me!

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Mary Anne said...


don't give up! Your new colours are looking good. Thank you for adding my link. You'll be a pro at this in no time :)