Thursday, January 19

Knitting Olympics

I joined the Yarn Harlot and her Knitting Olympics team. Team Canada - YEAH!!

What it is is this. You start a knitting project; one that is challenging to you, during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. She chose 2:00 as start time, whatever time zone you are in, to make things easier on us "athletes". The goal - to finish that project before/during the closing ceremonies.

I decided to knit a square baby blanket. Don't know of any babies on the way; but my friend Elizabeth has a friend who is expecting. I think the blanket will be a gift for Elizabeth to send to her friend.

I'm not a big fan of knitting baby things, so this is a challenge to me. Plus I've never knit a square before.

I have two pair of thrummed mittens to get done before then; the sooner the better. Tonight I'll wind the yarn for them - maybe. I'm not in the mood to knit them. Can you tell?

And I have to knit a sample poncho for the knitting class I'm going to be teaching. Was going to work on that at curling this afternoon. Ended up bringing my son home from school because he wasn't feeling well, and lost my knitting time. Did go riding on my horse though :)

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