Monday, January 30

Monday - I can tell

I had a post all typed, and lost it! Arrrgghhhh

Yesterday I had a head cold, so sat and knit most of the day. Finished off a bucket hat and a pair of socks for me. Pics to come later. Also started a pair of socks for Katie. I'll be sending pics to That Logan Chick to put on the CanSock site as well.

So far today I've made a loaf of bread, a batch of chocolate chip muffins and a batch of Puppy Chow Still thinking of making some cookies too.

Now to get doing something, can't believe I lost my post!!!

Edited to add - I'm enjoying my new-found ability to use links :)
and to add - why is my "about me" and other stuff so far down on the page? What did I do now???


Donna said...

Sorry to hear about your cold. Hope you feel better soon and yet get lots of knitting done!
I assume you are getting the same snowstorm we are here in Hunts Point!!

Mary Anne said...


I think you found your post? I see two for Monday. All that yummy food. I can just imagine the gorgeous smells coming from your kitchen.

Hey, I don't know why your sidebar stuff is so far down. Usually it happens if you add large photos or too much info. that goes farther across the page.