Wednesday, February 1

Snow Day!

My kids are happy. There is no school today. We're getting a blizzard. Not really a lot of snow down, but the wind is blowing. Almost everything is closed, and only the main roads are being plowed. Katie, who is typically sooo sllooowww in the mornings, was up and out playing in the snow within 15 minutes of her alarm going off. Kids!

Yesterday was a friends b-day. His wife gave him a balloon bouquet. He had to pop some of the balloons in order to find his presents. Little notes stuck in some of the balloons told him what to do or where to look for a gift. What a neat idea. I'll have to try to remember it.

Made some tomatoe soup cake cupcakes yesterday. Really wanted to make a chocolate cake, but have no cocoa :(

Finished off the socks for Katie. Now to get some pictures of things taken. Got to find the camera first :) Not working on anything else till the thrummed mittens are done.

Donna, hope the snow isn't too bad down your way. And hope you don't need to go anywhere today.

Mary Anne, sorry that we're getting more snow - wish you would get some!

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Mary Anne said...


it's ok about the snow, really! I've forgiven you for getting my share :)

Everytime I read your posts I get hungry...