Sunday, February 12

My hubby has his woodworking shop in our basement. I'm hearing musical sounds coming from down there, and I'm not allowed to go down. Hummm Something tells me my Valentine's gift is in the works.

Our daughter has a school project to make a musical instrument, and yesterday she and daddy made a tongue drum I'm quite impressed with how it turned out. OH!! I did get a drum!!! They just gave it to me. Go to that link up there, then click on "thumb drums" and then scroll down to see the pictures of them. Hers is copied from the bottom one, mine from the second one from the bottom. Can you see those prices!!!

I think I might try to make an ocarina . Guess our family is going through a musical instrument phase.

No olympic knitting happened here yesterday. I pulled muscles in my shoulder/back carrying our son Friday night. Then helped a friend deliver newspaper fliers yesterday. (fellow Nova Scotians know the "out and about" fliers; years ago I had a job putting those things together!) Sat with heat on my back all evening. Hopefully today I'll get the hand of the second mitten done; then it'll just be the thumb and a second pair to do. After the first mitten they go faster, because everything is measured/counted to that first mitten.

It's snowing here, we're supposed to be in for quite a storm. Hope everyone is having a good day!

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Mary Anne said...


you and your family are so talented. Looking forward to seeing photos of the instruments. But could you please stop talking about the SNOW? :)

Good luck on those mittens so you can start on the blanket.