Friday, February 17


The thrummed mittens are done! Well, almost done. Still have ends to sew in, but that won't take long to do at all. I'll give the lady they are for a call in the morning and let her know they are ready to be picked up. :)

And the baby blanket is about 4" square. I'll soon be able to put it on the round needles.

I picked up the needle to do the yarn harlot poncho for the store sample for the class I'll be possibly teaching.

And why are there no pictures? Because the digital camera won't work! Grrrr Use your imagination. The mittens are one pair burgandy, the other pair green. The baby blanket is white with specks of pink and blue through it. Very nice. Baby blanket pattern if you want to see what it should look like :)

Mary Anne, took your sock to curling yesterday; turned the heel and have the foot about half done - and enough yarn to finish the sock I think. Hope they will be big enough!

Anyone ever made baked sweet potatoes? I have some in the oven. Never done them before, never ate them before; sure hope I like them! :) Watching these cooking shows on TV has me wanting to try new things.

Ohh... new things... I made chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate chips in them. Yummm. It was a new cupcake recipe, didn't call for the chips; but I added them since I had them.

Tomorrow we have someone supposedly coming to look at the pony we have for sale. If they don't take her we may keep her.

Camera update - we think it's dead. It's showing colored bars on the viewing screen. Wonder what the boy did to it the last time he had his hands on it??

Well, off to do something productive. Oh, and to check to see if Miss Woolly Knits has updated her blog yet

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Mary Anne said...

Yay Dorothy! Done with the mittens and already 4" on the baby blanket. And working on my socks. you are amazing.

those chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate - yum, I am drooling on my keyboard. Can you send me one in the mail, please???