Friday, February 3


Well, another week finished.

Felt really tired this morning, so after the kids went to school I went back to bed. Got up and now have 40 minutes until I need to be to work. Gotta eat something.

I lied. I started a dishcloth before the thrummed mittens were finished. I do not enjoy the thrummed mittens right now! I WILL work on them tonight though. I needed something easy to work on while watching Katie curl yesterday.

Dan is on his way to the school. Troy has been having lots of his myclonic jerks today, they are worried that he may be working up to a bigger seizure. Although he's only had one big seizure in the daytime, and I don't expect him to have one, things can happen. Not sure if he'll be coming home or what they will decide.

We're supposed to be getting rain today. I was hoping it would have started by now, so that it would be an inside lunchtime. Then I was going to call in and say I wasn't coming in today. I want to go back to bed.

Must go to bed early tonight!

Sunday is SuperBowl day. I guess there are a couple of guys coming here to watch it. They'll set up a sheet to use as a big screen, and use a rear projector sort of thing to project it onto the screen. We're talking 1/2 life size (if not bigger)! I'll go to Jan's and the three wifes will watch a movie there. Troy will stay here with the guys; not sure about Katie, might get her a special movie to watch in her room. Right now I don't feel like going anywhere and doing anything.

Tired, not in the mood to do anything, time for the Feb. increase in anti-depressants.

Can't think of anything else for now.

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Laura said...


I'm a friend of Mary Anne's and I read your blog from time to time. I'm sorry you're feeling down and hope things improve for you. It's lousy when we have no energy and everything is an effort....I know, I've been there so I hope you feel better soon.