Friday, February 10

Olympics start today

Thanks Lexa for letting me know where the store is. I knew there was a store somewhere in Liverpool that sold yarn, but had no idea where it was. I missed the Ball and Skein when it closed. I've got a friend who will also be interested in knowing that there is yarn available there.

Today the Knitting Olympics start. As well as the sports olympics; but that's second place :) I can't start my official KO project until I finish the thrummed mittens. I guess the thrummed mittens are my first official project, and the baby blanket is my second. Both will be finished before the Olympics are done. Honest!

We're expecting snow today. Apparently it's already started an hour away from here - quite heavily from all accounts. And it's just starting to fall lightly here. At least the ground is frozen this time.

Hope everyone has a good day. And remember, it's Miss Woolly Knits update day :)


Kenny said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment. Please come back. yeah, I think I was just in a funk. I won' quit knitting just quite yet.

Mary Anne said...


more snow? Well, if anyone other than me has snow, it might as well be you :)

I'll be cheering you on as you work towards the finish line of the Knitting Olympics!